Tiara * Phantasia – English ver. -

The English release is finally here!
Parameters, conversation, everything from Japanese to English.
Of course, the controls, system, tutorial, etc as well.



There was a girl living deep in the mountains. Her name, Tiara.
She lived with her mother and elder sister. A young energetic girl she was.

But that all changed one day… Upon returning home from hunting,
she found her house in disarray and her family being violated…
The shocking scenery of her beloved elder sister pierced through her heart.

Their bloodline one of particular prowess. Their children said to be blessed
with great strength and talent… and thus a target for relentless breeding.

The result… Her elder sister, perished and her mother, became captive seed bed…
“Tiara… run, run for your life…” were her last words of wisdom but…

Tiara chose the path of MOST resistance… to FIGHT!

A side scrolling action game containing parameters that change in real time!
High quality pixel art with highly erotic situations galore.
In this game, there exists no justice, no right or wrong…
In the town, money is power. Without money, she only has her body to sell.
Shred Tiara’s pride to pieces. An immoral parade of humiliation and sluttery!

40 base HCG / H pixel art
Over 70 erotic scenes, 68 of which can be replayed from the gallery.
Enjoy as Tiara falls into the darkness… deeper and deeper.

Masturbation, r*pe, violation, interspecial sex, prostitution, scat and more…

Note: At first you may find the game difficult to play.
On normal mode at level 1, the character is slow and cannot jump.
If you find it too difficult, please set the game to “VERY EASY”.

A game with plenty to do. Muck around in town, make money,
use money, fight with monsters and more… enjoy at your own leisure.






The Relationship between Mental Breakdown and Physiological Phenomena

Tiara’s various parameters are intricately woven together and progress in real time.
Explanation of The Relationship between Mental Breakdown and Physiological Phenomena

First, regarding urine and feces, just like any normal human being… Tiara pisses and shits.
While there may be a toilet and inn in town, when outdoors, she must resist her urge to excrete.

If Tiara faces the unfortunate circumstance of needing to excrete before reaching town, her bladder and bowels will take damage and excretion impairment will occur.
If this impairment reaches MAX, her organs will falter and she will mentally breakdown from the pain.
As her mental breakdown progresses, she will begin to piss and then shit anytime, anywhere…
During excreting, Tiara is highly vulnerable. If assailed by monsters she will take damage so caution is needed.

Next, explaining Desire and Lewdness.
Tiara is a girl of age and as such, she has strong sexual urges.
She must masturbate every now and then to relieve herself of these urges.
It is possible to perform masturbation anywhere. In the woods, on the road, outdoor, indoor, you name it.

However, if Tiara performs masturbation outdoors, her sense of virtue will lessen and she will become lewd.
As such, it is best that she adequately and prudently performs the task at the Inn.
By adequately relieving herself of her sexual desires, Tiara’s lewdness will not increase.

Once in a state where Tiara cannot control her Lewdness, desire impairments will occur
and unable to resist her Desires, the itch of her crotch will cause her to begin mentally breaking down.

This is how Excretion and Desire Impairments are closely related.
On top of that, rape, prostitution, pregnancy, abortion etc will mentally traumatize Tiara.
If her Mental Breakdown reaches MAX, Tiara will become an invalid… totally broken forever.

As Tiara’s mental breakdown proceeds several limitations on her ability to function will occur.
For example, she will begin to piss and shit even during battle and her thoughts (control) will become unstable.
It is recommended to prevent Tiara’s mental breakdown from progressing as much as possible.

Controls 01

Controls 02

Controls 03

Controls 04

Controls 05

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Controls 07

Controls 08



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